Research Projects

Summary of completed LINTU projects 2002–2005 (pdf; 2,4 Mb)

Projects (2011)
Project title Author Project manager Info
Study of the coverage of road traffic accident registers
Destia Oy Christel Kautiala ( Report (pdf; 3,5 Mb)
Doctor’s obligation to inform the police when a driver’s fitness to drive is impaired: three views on how the
process works
University of Turku Sirkku Laapotti ( Report (pdf: 2,0 Mb)
Improvement potential of the Finnish Automatic speed enforcement system
VTT Veli-Pekka Kallberg ( Description
Report (pdf; 2,1 Mb)
Drivers who have ‘had a few’.
Findings from roadside testing in Uusimaa 1990–2008
THL Maria Portman ( Report (pdf; 1,7 Mb)
Evaluation of the safety effects of a road traffic safety programme
VTT Riikka Rajamäki ( Report (pdf; 0,5 Mb)
Projects (2010)
Project title Author Project manager Info
Aging and driving – cognitive methods of assessing the driving ability of elderly people with memory disorders or stroke
Agora Center, University of Jyväskylä Mikael Sallinen ( Description
Change in the speed enforcement intervention limit and its effects
Innomikko Oy Mikko Malmivuo ( Report (pdf; 12,6 Mt)
Classification of the personal injuries as a result of traffic accidents
SITO-Kuopio Oy Noora Airaksinen ( Description
Analysis of speeds for traffic safety, focusing on fatalities
VTT Harri Peltola ( Description
Report (pdf; 2,7 Mb)
Projects (2009)
Project title Author Project manager Info
Drunk driving in Uusimaa province
THL (National Institute for Health and Welfare) Maria Portman (
Field experiment on intelligent speed adaptation (ISA)
VTT Harri Peltola ( Description
Crash violence within road traffic systems: Summary
Sito Oy Marko Kelkka (
Extensive speed data
VTT Harri Peltola ( Description
Reduction of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in urban areas through traffic and street design countermeasures
Sito Oy Marko Kelkka ( Description
Maintaining driving ability at older age: a randomized-trial educational interventionand 12-year follow-up study University of Helsinki Heikki Summala (
Projects (2008)
Project title Author Project manager Info
Section speed control experiment
VTT Riikka Rajamäki ( Description
Heavy vehicle accidents in accident investigation reports – Risks and proposed preventative safety measures
Ramboll Finland Oy, Safety Futures Ky Anne Vehmas (, Tarja Ojala( Description, report (pdf, 2,2 Mb)
Feasibility of median barriers for existing roads VTT, Talentek Oy Harri Peltola (,
Klas Hytönen (
Description, report (pdf, 5,0 Mb)
Crash violence within road traffic systems: motorways, regional and connecting roads
Sito Oy, Helsinki University of Technology, Plus Terveys Oy Marko Kelkka ( Description
motorways (pdf, 1,6 Mt),
regional and connecting roads (pdf, 1,9 Mt)
Projects (2007)
Project title Author Project manager Info
Voluntary trial use of the alcohol interlock
Ramboll Finland Oy Jochim Donner ( Description, report (pdf, 3,3 Mb)
Processes connected to driver licences – Advance clarification
Liidea Ltd Anu Eloranta ( Description, report (pdf, 2,2 Mb)
Crash violence within the traffic system. Fatal accidents in built-up areas: overview of fatal accidents and in depth analysys of fatal pedestrian and bicycle accidents Sito Oy, Helsinki University of Technology, University of Turku, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Marko Kelkka ( Description, report (pdf, 2,2 Mb)
Traffic fatalities in urban areas in relation to land use
VTT Harri Peltola (


Projects (2006)
Project title Author Project manager Info
Seriousness of injuries in road traffic accidents
Statistics Finland Ville Vertanen
Description, report (pdf, 1,3 Mb)
Traffic safety at pedestrian zebra crossings
Helsinki City Planning Dept., VTT Eero Pasanen (, Matthieu Molinier ( Description, report in English (pdf, 3,8 Mb)
Effect of intensified automatic speed control and decreased tolerance on traffic safety VTT Leif Beilinson
Report (pdf, 0,8 Mb)
Cost-effective median barrier arrangements
Destia Olli Mäkelä ( Description, report (pdf, 3,1 Mb)
Drivers' social skills in traffic. What are they, how they develop and how these skills are connected to traffic safety
University of Turku Esko Keskinen ( Description, report (pdf, 0,9 Mb)
Speed management – present state and possibilities
VTT Harri Peltola, Riikka Rajamäki ( Description, report (pdf, 0,7 Mb)
Traffic accidents among cyclists, motorcyclists and mopedists – Study of accidents that led to specialized healthcare
Sito-Kuopio Oy Noora Airaksinen ( Description, report (pdf, 2,2 Mb)
Traffic offences by heavy goods vehicle drivers and the validity of traffic licences
Safety Futures Ky Tarja Ojala ( Description, report (pdf, 0,5 Mb)
Main roads as village throughfare: road safety on main roads in non-built-up areas
Liidea Ltd Jouko Kunnas ( Description, report (pdf; 3,5 Mb)
Projects (2005)
Project title Author Project manager Info
Traffic safety and traffic growth – Possibilities to restrict traffic growth in Oulu region
Liidea Ltd Kati Kiiskilä, Tuomo Vesajoki ( Description, report (pdf; 1,9 Mb)
'Crash violence' within the traffic system. Risks and their reduction in road traffic on two-lane main roads in Finland
Helsinki University of Technology Marko Kelkka ( Description, report, (pdf; 1,4 Mb) memorandum
Testing the fitness-to-drive of sleepy drivers: pilot studies in field and laboratory settings
University of Helsinki Heikki Summala ( Description, report (pdf; 0,6 Mb)
Traffic growth curbing and traffic safety
Ramboll Finland Oy Jarkko Niittymäki, Janne Rautio ( Description, report (pdf; 1.3 Mb)
Aspects on directive actions of road safety targets in road management
Sito-Konsultit Oy Tapio Puurunen ( Description, report (pdf; 2,1 Mb)
Clarificaton of the current situation and needs for development concerning the statistics about traffic accidents
Ramboll Finland Oy Christel Kautiala, Hanna Reihe ( Description, report (pdf; 1,4 Mb)
Projects (2004)
Project title Author Project manager Info
Citizens, decision-makers, traffic safety and decision-making
University of Turku Esko Keskinen ( Description, report (pdf; 0,8 Mb)
Evaluation of road traffic safety measures and experience of preparing a traffic safety programme
VTT Harri Peltola ( Description, report (pdf, 1 Mb)
Responsibility of traffic safety on road transport chain – management of road traffic safety
VTT Juha Tapio ( Description, report (pdf; 1,3 Mb)
Prevention of pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities
University of Helsinki Heikki Summala ( Description
Feasibility study of "pay as you drive" insurance in Finland
WSP LT-Consultants Ltd Ville Lehmuskoski, Reetta Putkonen ( Description, report (pdf, 1 Mb)
A practical driving test for elderly drivers: Neuropsychological tests and self-evaluations.
University of Turku Esko Keskinen ( Report, (pdf; 0,5 Mb)
Projects (2003)
Project title Author Project manager Info
Traffic safety in Finnish municipalities
Helsinki University of Technology Timo Ernvall, Nina Karasmaa ( Report, (pdf, 1,4 Mb)
Promoting traffic safety in land use planning Talentek, Motiivi Mikko Uljas ( Report (Ministry of Environment publications)
Life-styles, values, traffic safety attitudes, behaviours and accidents among young drivers University of Helsinki Heikki Summala ( Description
First snow – What drivers learn while adapting themselves to difficult conditions? Valmixa Valde Mikkonen
Description, report (pdf; 0,5 Mb)
Traffic safety of buses and bus drivers' views on improving traffic safety in public transport JP-Transplan Ltd Minna Soininen ( Description
Report part A (pdf; 1 Mb)
Report part B (pdf; 0,8 Mb)
Wintertime traffic and traffic safety in Finland and in Sweden VTT Mikko Malmivuo ( Description, report (pdf; 1,1 Mb)
Cost-effectiveness of road investment projects from the road safety perspective VTT Marko Nokkala ( Description, report (pdf; 0,7 Mb)
Personal safety programs for drivers Valmixa Valde Mikkonen
Educational intervention for elderly drivers University of Helsinki Heikki Summala, Tiina Rämet ( Description, report (pdf; 0,5 Mb)
Pilot projects (2002)
Project title Author Project manager Info
Comparison between different legislative systems of automatic speed enforcement WSP LT Consultants Ltd Jarkko Niittymäki, Janne Rautio ( Report (pdf, 0,6 Mb)
Opinions on the Traffic Safety Vision and traffic safety issues in two organizations VTT Rita Rathmayer ( Report (pdf; 0,8 Mb)
Municipalities decision makers' opinions about traffic safety Plaana Ltd Timo Perälä ( Report (pdf; 0,8 Mb)
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