Contents of the research programme

The LINTU-programme was launched to strengthen the preconditions for long-range road safety work. The primary goal of the programme is determined as improving the preconditions for road safety work so that the traffic safety goals set by the government would be achieved and the state of road traffic described in the traffic safety vision would be approached. The programme especially concentrates on starting such research projects and studies which could help in improving the road safety situation in the long run. The research topics also concentrate on the themes of the new national traffic safety plan. Acute traffic safety issues and research needs are mainly taken care by using other research funds of organizations.
The LINTU-programme supports road safety work by, for example:
  • producing new research information as well as clarifying and making the traffic safety vision more concrete
  • promoting the appreciation of traffic safety work by raising its profile
  • strengthening cooperation and communication between the organizations in the traffic safety sector
  • attracting new research workers in traffic safety research.
  • The programme was started in the spring of 2002 and the first phase continued until the end of the year 2005. By this time, about 25 research projects and studies were started. An outside consultant evaluated the programme in the autumn of 2005. According to the evaluation of the LINTU-programme (Publications of the Ministry of Transport and Communications 67/2005), the programme has generally fulfilled its purpose well. Resources of different actors have been integrated through it, common discussion has been conducted on the topics and focus of traffic safety research and research projects have produced new research information. The evaluation also produced suggestions for developing the programme activities in the future. A decision has been made on continuing the programme and the LINTU management group was nominated, with minor changes, for the next three-year period until the end of the year 2008.
    The total research funding reserved for the LINTU-programme by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Road Administration (as of 2010 merged into Finnish Travel Agency) and the Finnish Vehicle Administration (as of 2010 merged into Finnish Transport Safety Agency) has been 350 000 – 400 000 Euros/year. The calls for proposals of the programme have been specified to reflect the following important topics with regard to the implementation of the vision:
  • Promoting the preconditions for road safety work
  • Mitigation of traffic growth
  • Influencing road users
  • Vehicles
  • Infrastructure
  • Pedestrian and bicycle traffic
  • Public transport, heavy transport
  • The research and development programme is preceded by the feasibility study of long-term research programme on traffic safety prepared by the Technical Research Centre of Finland in the year 2000, which widely specifies the research h needs of different sectors of traffic safety. The final report of the project (LVM B 23/2000) was completed in December 2000. It constitutes the background for the LINTU-programme.
    updated 7.9.2010